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Media Production


We help our clients to tell their story through photography, videography and cinematography. In a disconnected world, it can be difficult to discover who our audiences are despite the advent of the internet. We envision, with you, a way to connect to the hearts of your audience, and share a journey together.



ORIGINAL STUDIOS consults with community and our organizational partners to bridge communication so growth can happen. Through arts and media, but more importantly, through storytelling, we create connection that will grow to last generations with the communities we live in. We need to speak to each other so that we may prosper together. 

The concept of branding can seem overwhelming. There are whole course studies surrounding it. While the techniques that are taught can be useful, we believe in making things simple.

ORIGINAL STUDIOS does not call it a "branding" strategy, but rather a "connecting" strategy. At the end of the day, we are connecting to people with a message

Speaking  and refining your message comes first. After connecting, only then can you define your audience. The audience you capture then helps to guide you to what your brand actually is. 

Connecting Strategy




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