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Our sessions make our clients feel at ease, have fun, and allows them to see themselves at angles they never have before.

Next Step Strategy

This is a simple step by step guide on what to do with the assets you just invested in. By implementing this plan, you are better equipped to prolong the use, and gain creative insight as to how to continue to use your headshot session(s) to their fullest potential. This can be implemented no matter what photography studio you decide to work with. 

Step #1 - Download

After receiving your photos -- download and save them to a file/folder location that you can easily find. 

Green Upload Icon
Red Download Icon

Step #2 - Upload

Now that you have your amazing new photos, you're going to want to upload them to your social profile(s) and website(s). This should go without say, although we've found that in our busy lives...our clients sometimes forget.

This is also a GREAT opportunity to create a list of all the platforms where your headshot is located. If we leave it up to memory, things get missed. 

Step #3 - Tell Everyone

Many people do not find themselves in front of cameras often. The idea leaves them feeling uneasy and out of place. Usually by the end of the session, our clients feel alive, energized, excited, and filled with light feelings. A photoshoot presents to people a myriad of emotions. This makes for a fantastic opportunity to be open and transparent. It makes for a great story to share.

  • Blog post

    • Humans love to connect on an emotional level. 3 paragraphs is all you need to show a different side of you​

  • Social media post with meaningful and RELATABLE captions

    • Carousels - show your many expressions​

  • Photo reels

    • Put thoughtful text over your image or simply say "good morning​

Social Media Icon with Original Studios Team Member depicted.


I was nervous...fidgety. My palms were slippery as though they were greased over with car oil. I didn't feel like myself.


This becomes your story, accentuating all the nuances that are widely relatable, and almost infinitely usable across any and every platform. Dramatic? Maybe...but when we slow down and take a moment, we realize that life is pretty dramatic. 

Step #4 - Expand your reach with collabs

Clients often overlook the power of collaborating with their photographers. Having the ability to collaborate with our studio means you get to post your photo(s) to now only your profile, but our studio's profile simultaneously, thus immediately bringing new eyes to your experience.

Our studio also does our own post, and invites you to collaborate as well. This way, we've now expanded your reach even more. 

As you can see, this becomes a very easy, and seamless strategy to make what would've only been a simple portrait session into a mini-marketing campaign. 

Reach out to us if you'd like to learn more about this strategy and how we can help make it the most effective.

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