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An arts renaissance is underway. We are living during a time where the need for self-expression is proliferating within the very fiber of our beings. Original Studios takes that need, and connects it with the means and the desire to produce art for healing and equitable community growth. 


We build trusting relationships with community leaders in business, entrepreneurship, education, local and state government, the arts, and connect them with skilled talent from black and brown communities.  


Yesterday was the time to have built an infrastructure that encourages and supports value flowing into underserved communities. The nation is faced with disparaging boundaries to equipping its BIPOC communities with advantageous advancements in business and careers. It is paramount to create connections that build latitude by setting forth a framework for opportunity that welcomes BIPOC partners to share in the risks and rewards of entrepreneurship at scale.

what we do.

ORIGINAL STUDIOS creates special moments that allow for pure, unabridged self expression to shine through, despite having a camera pointed at them. The key to creating moments is having a sense of self. We know that believing in one’s own limitlessness increases the purpose behind what it is that we do. As a production company, we believe in our own limitlessness, and thus the business we build together, as a team, and a community, comes as a result of self love and expression.


We utilize the digital arts to start an intentional conversation. ORIGINAL STUDIOS works to build relationships with our partners in order to bridge opportunity to underserved communities that might otherwise not have access.  


We focus on capturing candid photography for every event we attend. We believe that while posed/structured photos are great, it is in candid photography that we are able to capture the true essence of the people we photograph. In every room, there are beautiful, dark, emotional, soft, kind, happy, sad moments happening at all times. My team works to find those moments and immortalize them.

future mission goals.

like you, we have dreams.

We want to build student apprenticeship programs that provide mentorship in business and art. The programs will provide space and place for students to build a strong sense of self by empowering them to conquer challenges together. Students will be taught skills that are immediately applicable in the world outside of school. The mentoring aspect of the program will allow for students to be vulnerable in talking about their dreams, aspirations, fears and history. In order to help not just students, but future generations, we need to heal the source within them.

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